Owner rental puts your camping dreams within reach! Owning a camper does not come without expenses. Like a monthly payment. Lots of people think a new camper is out of reach, but the staff at Michigan Camper Rental can show you how to own a new one for little or no cost. Your camper can even […]

Michigan has some of the best opportunities for camper rental in the US, but the most remote locations don’t open until the spring sun melts away the snow. Michigan.org estimates that there are more than 1000 RV parks and campgrounds in Michigan, which includes the many beautiful places in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan’s Northernmost region. UP, […]

A Little History from MI Camper Rental The RV industry was born in the Midwest, with many of the major manufacturers coming to life right (and still in operation) around the Elkhart, Indiana area. If you drive through Elkhart today you can even visit the RV Hall of Fame, where the camper pioneers are memorialized along with […]

  Camper rental leads to fun, sometimes where you least expect it. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront destination, a mountainside resort, or just a place to pull in for the night there are campgrounds waiting for you all across the beautiful state of Michigan. Kampvilla in Manistee is a perfect example, and their big yellow dinosaur […]

Camper rental programs benefit the owner just as much as the renter. When you partner with Michigan Camper Rental the costs associated with your camper are dramatically reduced. This gives camper owners the opportunity to purchase a larger camper or travel trailer with more features than they might otherwise. Or, renting can make it possible […]

                  Camper rental can make so many vacation destinations easier to enjoy. Whether you chose a spot close to home or across the state, renting a camper makes the trip much more fun. Why stay in a hotel when you can travel with all of the comforts of […]

  Our camper rental program is not just for vacationers, it benefits camper owners too. Owning a camper does not come without some expenses; whether you do the work yourself or pay someone else the regular maintenance a camper needs can put a dent in your wallet. You can’t use your camper every day of the year […]

A camper rental is the fix!! Taking time off and staying home can lead to dangerous activities such as landscaping, housecleaning, painting, and other chores. It’s a challenge to lay in the sun in your own backyard without your mind wandering off to all of the unfinished tasks lurking around your home. Trade your “staycation” […]