Rainy day camping fun Planning the weather would be great, especially when camping! Sometimes rainy days just happen, but it is possible to have some rainy day camping fun! Below are some ideas to pass the time during a rainfall. These activities are ideal for kids, but the whole family can definitely enjoy. The best […]

It’s easy to picture a 40-foot camper rolling down the road behind a brand new four-door, dualie pickup truck. Many larger campers require a fifth wheel connection to a truck with enough power to haul it, and to get it out of a sandy or muddy campsite. But Michigan Camper Rental has campers in all sizes, […]

Recipe!! Who doesn’t love an easy and yummy campfire recipe? When you think of camping, what foods come to mind? Hotdogs? S’mores? Hobo pies? Not only are these campfire foods classics, but they are EASY!  As far as camping goes, most families are looking for fast, easy, and minimum clean-up. I’ve recently stumbled upon a […]

Internet resources like AirBnB have made it easier to own a second home, and Michigan Camper Rental makes it easier to own the camper you’ve always wanted. AirBnB has made it easy for anyone who owns a second home to make some extra cash, or to offset the cost of ownership of a vacation home. They have […]

There are more than 1000 campgrounds in the state of Michigan, so how do you know which ones are nice and which ones might not be worth the extra drive time? The Internet is a great resource and it’s definitely wise the time to visit your potential destination’s website. But, you know how it is – if […]

This past 4th of July, while I was watching the fireworks from the water with some good friends and family, I was suddenly hit with the true meaning of the holiday and what the original events ultimately set in motion. It’s funny how you can go through an entire holiday like Independence Day, or President’s Day, […]

Camper rental can take you lots of fascinating places just in Michigan alone. With more coastline (3288 miles) than any other state except Alaska, Michigan has so much to offer campers on the mainland and the Upper Peninsula. From the top of “the mitten” it’s just a short and very pretty ride across the Mackinac […]

Owner rental puts your camping dreams within reach! Owning a camper does not come without expenses. Like a monthly payment. Lots of people think a new camper is out of reach, but the staff at Michigan Camper Rental can show you how to own a new one for little or no cost. Your camper can even […]

Michigan has some of the best opportunities for camper rental in the US, but the most remote locations don’t open until the spring sun melts away the snow. Michigan.org estimates that there are more than 1000 RV parks and campgrounds in Michigan, which includes the many beautiful places in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan’s Northernmost region. UP, […]